Oslo Accent Coffee Plunger 5 Cup 600ml 4155-1tp (Taupe)



The Oslo Accent Coffee Plunger from Casabarista is the traditional way to enjoy your favourite coffee blends. Also ideal for making tea, brew with rich and intense flavour effortlessly from the comforts of home. Use: For best results when using a coffee plunger, first temper the glass with hot tap water and discard, then using your coffee scoop, add one scoop of coarse freshly ground coffee per cup to be made. Pour freshly just off the boil water into the plunger, then let the coffee brew for approximately four minutes. This will bring out the rich, intense flavours and aroma. Slowly push the plunger down through the coffee. Pour and enjoy. To clean your coffee plunger, discard used coffee grinds and disassemble the coffee plunger. Wash all components in hot soapy water, rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly. Holds up to 5 cups of coffee (600ml). Stainless steel coffee plunger. Sleek plastic frame – designed to protect hands and surfaces from heat. Made from heat safe borosilicate glass. Handwash recommended.

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