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KR Duet Wine Glass 700ml Set of 2 Gift Boxed KR0342 RRP $29.95
Sommelier Wine Glass 290ml Set of 6 Gift Boxed IN0003
Sommelier Wine Glass 335ml Set of 6 Gift Boxed IN0002
Sommelier Wine Glass 450ml Set of 6 Gift Boxed IN0001
CD Taverna Wine Glass 440ml Set of 6 Gift Boxed IN0008
KR Harmony Wine Glass 450ml 6pc Gift Boxed KR0259 RRP $69.95
KR Harmony Wine Glass 370ml 6pc Gift Boxed KR0260 RRP $69.95
KR Harmony Prosecco Glass 280ml 6pce Gift Boxed KR0262 RRP $69.95
KR Harmony Pinot Glass 600ml 6pc Gift Boxed KR0327 RRP $69.95

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