Avanti Fondant Ribbon Cutter and Embosser Set 16541



The Avanti® Fondant Ribbon Cutter and Embosser Set incorporates everything you need to create beautiful textured ribbons, bows and strips to decorate your cakes. This easy-to-use tool creates ribbon widths from 5mm to 95mm and comes complete with interchangeable cutting and embossing wheels which allow you to customise your patterns. The set includes 8 embossing wheels, 9 spacers, 9 cutting wheels and a roller handle with detachable core assembly hardware. Simply select the cutting and embossing wheel pattern, then slide the assembly onto the roller handle and roll over your fondant. Voila! Perfectly cut ribbon strips are produced, ready to place right on your cake!

1 x roller
9 x spacers
4 x stripe embossing wheels
4 x bead embossing wheels
3 x straight cutting wheels
3 x wavy cutting wheels
3 x zigzag cutting wheels
Roller handle with datable detachable core
Assembly hardware


Select the cutting and embossing wheels and arrange them on work surface to create the desired look. Place cutting wheels to the outside of embossing wheels. Add spacers between wheels to fill the width of the roller.

Slide wheels and spacers on the roller

Position washer and wing nut on end of roller to secure the wheels

Sprinkle icing sugar on cutting surface and on rolling pin. Use a rolling pin to roll out fondant 3mm thick. Brush the assembled roller with icing sugar for easy release of fondant.

Roll the ribbon cutter and embossing tool over fondant in any direction to cut the icing into strips

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