Teakwood Salad Bowl Kit 1.9LT 14964-B21-82720EU



The Teakwood range from the Wood Collection captures the rustic charm of natural materials found in picturesque forests, featuring a smooth matte finish reminiscent of mixed distressed woods. Complementing this aesthetic, the all-in-one Salad Bowl Kit offers organized convenience for both at-home meal prep and on-the-go dining: Comprehensive Kit: The Salad Bowl Kit includes a 1.9L Salad Bowl with a generous total capacity of 60ml, along with a condiment container and a removable tray, providing all the essentials for enjoying salads with ease. Leakproof Design: The see-through lid ensures a secure seal, preventing leaks and spills during transport, while also allowing for easy visibility of the contents inside. Organized Toppings: The closable condiment container within the kit enables efficient organization of salad toppings, bread, sandwiches, or even reusable utensils, ensuring everything stays fresh and in place until mealtime. Versatile Usage: Whether you're prepping salads at home or enjoying them on the go, this kit offers versatility to accommodate various dining preferences and lifestyles. Refrigerator Storage: Suitable for short-term refrigerator storage, the Salad Bowl Kit helps maintain the freshness of your salads until you're ready to enjoy them, making it an ideal solution for meal planning and preparation. Overall, the Teakwood Salad Bowl Kit combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, providing an organized and stylish solution for upgrading your salad experience both at home and while out and about.

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