Ecology Fiori Goblet 310ml Set 4 EC78100 RRP $69.95



Elevate your summer soirées with the Ecology Fiori Set of 4 Wine Goblets, each holding 310ml.

Indulge in the beauty of blooming flowers intricately detailed across the Fiori glassware collection. The delicate floral patterns gracefully contrast the substantial weight of each piece, creating a captivating interplay of texture and pattern.

The Ecology Fiori Set of 4 Wine Goblets includes six elegantly crafted goblets, perfect for serving your favorite beverages.

- Length: 8.5cm
- Width: 8.5cm
- Height: 16cm

Crafted from decorative pressed glass, this set comes packaged in a colored-gift box, making it ideal for effortless gifting. Dishwasher safe, with top shelf recommended for easy cleanup after your gatherings.

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