Avanti Fondant Stamp 16540



The Avanti® Fondant Stamp set is a handy cake decorating kit for creating 3-dimensional fondant accents with elegant openwork shapes like diamonds, flowers and paisley. The set comprises an angled handle and eight interchangeable discs. To use, simply press the stamp into the fondant and the disc imprints a detailed design that adds flair and texture to the cake. Also great for adding fondant detail to cupcakes and biscuits. Changing discs is child’s play, just line up the chosen disc with the lugs on the end of the handle and turn the disc clockwise to lock in place. Dip the disc in icing sugar before each pressing

Narrow diamond with scrolls
Wide diamond with scrolls
Large tulip with leaves
Small tulip with leaves
Dutch blossom
Paisley with dots
Snapdragon with leaves
4-leaf clover with dots

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