Avanti Apple Wedger Red 12599 RRP $14.95



Slice and core apples and pears in one fell swoop with the Avanti® Apple Wedger. Perfect for fruit desserts, salads and simple, healthy snacking. Designed to take the pressure out of slicing apples, this easy-to-use gadget cores and cuts apples and fruit into wedges with a simple press. Wide handles are raised to ensure ample clearance between hands and table, and provide a comfortable, secure grip. The Apple Wedger features sharp, stainless-steel blades that slice with ease through fruit and produces eight perfectly even fruit slices.

Cores and evenly slices fruit all at once into 8 segments
18/10 stainless steel blade
The wide handles give a good grip and ensure optimum transmission of pressure
Ideal for apples and pears
Dishwasher safe

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