Avanti Fat Seperator with Strainer 500ml 15063 RRP$14.95



Make light work of grating cheese, chocolate and nuts with the Avanti® Rotary Drum Grater. The high-quality grater creates fine shavings that are ideal for sprinkling on dinners and desserts or melting over dishes. Perfect for parmesan and other hard cheeses, it is made using a surgical-grade stainless steel blade and features a large drum and chopper for fast clog-free grating

Fine, surgical-grade stainless steel blade
Large drum and hopper for fast clog-free grating
Comfortable, ergonomic handle with non-slip thumb rest
Easy to clean and dishwasher safe – top shelf
Easy to use, simply insert chosen food, press down and rotate the handle.
Insert drum into body of grater and affix handle on side of drum. Simply hold drum in place and turn handle forwards to lock components together
To disassemble components for cleaning, simply reverse the assembly procedure
Whilst all parts of the grater are dishwasher safe, the harsh nature of the machine cleansing process can potentially lead to cosmetic deterioration of the componentry’s exterior surface. Handwashing the grater’s parts in mild detergent and warm water is the recommended method of cleaning.

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