Bamix Classic Slicesy Attachment 76200



If you want to jump all in on what bamix® has to offer and broaden your culinary abilities without loosing space in the kitchen then the bamix® SliceSy® is the perfect accessory for you!

The bamix® SliceSy® attachment operates like a small food processor, allowing you to mix, stir, chop, grind, grate and slice in no time!

You can even use the SliceSy® to mix and stir dough.


  • Made in Switzerland

  • Easy to use

  • Compatible with all bamix® models from 18OW, excluding the Gastro 350W

  • Comes with a handy insert to remove all processed food in one go from the SliceSy®

  • Chop, grind, grate, slice, mix and stir all with the one attachment



  • SliceSy® Chopping Blade

  • SliceSy® Grater Fine No. 1

  • SliceSy® Grater Medium No. 2

  • SliceSy® Grater Coarse No. 3

  • SliceSy® Slicer Fine No. 4

  • SliceSy® Slicer Coarse No. 5

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