D Line Flavour Injector 30ml 3267



Achieve juicy, flavorful meat effortlessly with the Appetito Flavour Injector. Ideal for infusing roasts, poultry, pork, and steak, this versatile tool can also be used to baste meat surfaces or inject liquors into desserts. Simply blend your preferred spices with butter, wine, beer, or stock for custom marinades.


  1. Lightly coat the O-ring on the piston with cooking oil.
  2. Attach the needle by turning counterclockwise (avoid over-tightening).
  3. Draw marinade into the injector by pulling the piston upwards (ensure both needle holes are submerged to prevent air intake).
  4. Create a central injection point in the meat with one deep, straight needle track and two additional tracks branching out.
  5. Inject marinade evenly while slowly withdrawing the needle. Repeat for each track.
  6. For steaks, inject marinade through the sides after wrapping in cling wrap.


  • 30ml capacity
  • Perfect for meat flavoring

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