32 Cube Ice Maker and Storage Box Arctic Blue 4475AB



Make, store and serve ice effortlessly with the 32 Cube Ice Maker & Storage Box from Appetito.
Utilising a three-level design, this stackable Ice Maker is designed to easily release ice into the storage box with a simple, quick release push.

Made from high-quality food grade materials, this durable ice tray is BPA-free, odourless and non-toxic, and specially designed with a soft rubber base.

Once ice is frozen, simply flip the ice tray upside down over the storage box. Replace the lid on top of the ice tray; the lid's detachable underneath pressing plate will line up perfectly with the ice tray moulds.

Place both hands on top of the lid, and push down to release all ice into the storage box in just one second. Use the included ice scoop to serve.

1 Second quick release.
3 Level design; ice cube tray, container & ice scoop.
Creates 32 ice cubes each time.
BPA-free, high quality food grade materials.
Handwash only.

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