eKu Upcycle Solid Spoon - Avocado



Introducing the eKu Upcycle Spoon – your sustainable culinary companion crafted entirely from 100% upcycled materials. 

Our eco-friendly design boasts a comfortable silicone grip handle, marrying practicality with environmental consciousness. 

With a non-scratch composition and high heat resistance, this spoon is as versatile as it is durable, ensuring compatibility with all cookware, including non-stick varieties.

Perfect for stirring and serving, its ideal depth caters to a range of dishes, from creamy risottos to hearty stews and flavorful sauces.

Made from upcycled plastic, eKu's materials are manufactured to be odorless, ensuring a fresh cooking experience every time. 

Embrace sustainability in your kitchen without compromising on performance with the eKu Upcycle Spoon.

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