MV Flexible BBQ Grilling Basket IMA0039



Grill like a boss with Maverick's Non-Stick Flexible Stainless-steel BBQ Grilling Basket.
Cook and flip your food û from meats, poultry, fish and vegetables, ensuring even the smallest and thinnest foods are secure.
Making it easier to turn delicate items that might fall apart like fish fillets, mushrooms, broccoli florets, sliced onions and potatoes, this generous wide basket is ideal for cooking items evenly with minimal mess.
Constructed from a large weave mesh with non-stick properties and a wooden handle which stays cool to touch, this grilling basket fits most grills making barbequing safe and easier for the outdoor chef!
The Basket elevates foods above the grill to prevent burning or sticking, allowing you to serve up a great BBQ flavour in your meal every time.
Recommended to hand wash only and dry thoroughly after each use.
Maverick creates stylish yet serious barbeque tools and beer drinking accessories with a fun 'cool' look.

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