Professional Proofing Box BB-PB



Our proofing box is the perfect home for your sourdough. it is the correct shape for stretching and folding your dough. Perfect airtight consistent environment for fermentation. its also perfect for adding inclusions such as seeds and fruit.
A light coating of oil ensures the dough will not stick during the fermentation process 

Sturdy and Durable

- Airtight thus creating a temperature consistent environment for fermenting dough
- Perfect for inclusions such as seeds,fruits,cheese and more without having to remove the dough
- Heat resistant towards freshly baked goods
- Stackable for those who bake multiple loaves
- can also be used for pizza dough,storing baked goods or baking ingredients
- Eliminates he need for single-use plastics.

Simple stretch and fold technique for soughdough
With lightly wet fingertips, grab a portion of the dough and stretch it upward. Fold the dough over towards the centre of the box. Give the box a one-quarter turn and repeart: stretch the dough upward and fold it over toward the centre until you have stretched and folded all four sides. Learn all about stretch and fold techniques online.

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