Solidteknics Quenched 18cm Iron Skillet Q118S



Introducing our smallest iron skillet, perfect for single-meal cooking and ideal for beginners! Whether you're whipping up eggs, bacon, omelettes, or small portions, this skillet is your go-to companion in the kitchen.

Crafted in Australia from premium Australian iron, our AUS-ION™ pans offer exceptional heat retention and thermal mass, ensuring consistent and even cooking every time. Pre-seasoned with our innovative Quenched™ finish, these skillets are ready to use straight out of the box. Discover the benefits of Quenched™ and why it's revolutionizing the world of iron cookware.

Suitable for all heat sources, from stovetops to ovens to campfires, this skillet is versatile and convenient for any cooking situation. Plus, our natural oil-based seasoning ensures a low/non-stick cooking surface that can be restored indefinitely, eliminating the need for disposable coatings that contribute to landfill waste. Upgrade your cooking experience with our AUS-ION™ skillet today!

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