Stay MK5 TR Paring 9cm 41430



Perfect for making quick work of cutting fruit and small vegetables, this knife makes light work of food preparation with its Staysharp blade.Thanks to the patented self-sharpening system you can ensure no more blunt knives.

Every good cook knows that a sharp knife makes light, safe work of food preparation. Thanks to the patented self-sharpening system of Staysharp you can ensure no more blunt knives.

Simply insert and withdraw the knife from the scabbard for a sharp knife every time. The Staysharp Paring knife’s fine sharp edge is designed to take the frustration away so that you can cut that apple or tomato with ease.


Small and handy, it’s your go-to knife that’s as comfortable in your kitchen as it is outdoors. Like all Wiltshire knives, it’s made from superior quality stainless steel so it’s rust-resistant making it perfect for those who cherish the ‘quick and easy’ and those with a strong desire to create roses from tomato peels.

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